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All about this site and MMCd
Let's get a few points out of the way ...

What this site isnt:
  • This is not an attempt to steal credit away from Dmitry Yurtaev (the original MMCd author).
  • This is not an attempt to sell more Scanmasters (created by Bob Bailey) or any other 3rd party hardware.

    What this site is:
  • Consider this an unofficial 'fork' of MMCd from the Sourceforge and/or it's original non-Sourceforge site. For more information on why I created this site, please see the FAQ.
  • This is an attempt to expand the functionality of MMCd beyond its original uses (be it for 3rd party hardware or another vehicle platform altogether).

    With all of that out of the way, let's talk about MMCd:
  • For those of you don't already know, your 1G DSM, Galant VR-4, 1990-93 3S and many other OBDI Mitsubishis are equiped with an ALDL diagnostic port. As far as I know all of these ports (no matter what the platform) are located next/attached to the under-dash fuse panel.
  • That being said, for years there have been commercially available software to retrieve the data that is available from the ECU (however most of those software has been usually more geared towards the 1G DSM's).
  • In early 2003 Dmitry Yurtaev make his first publically available release of MMCd. This was in response to the now long defunct "DSM Open Source Datalogger Project".
  • In July 2004 a Sourceforge project was started for MMCd.
  • Please see the FAQ for more information.
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    If you think of something you'd like added or expanded upon, please email me using the link on the top-right of your browser! I try to be as non-political as possible, but this is my website, my webserver and my bandwidth... so if you don't like something I have to say: get lost.

    Lets get the boring non-tech talk out of the way:

    Q.) Why did you start this unofficial MMCd site?

    A.) With all due respect to Dmitry Yurtaev, I tried to contact him via e-Mail multiple times in 2003 and 2004 using all known e-Mail addresses for him. I never recieved a response due to spam filtration, lack of reading those e-Mail accounts anymore or perhaps general lack of interest to respond. In the middle of 2004 I discovered Clinton Battersby, aka "cbatters" on the forums, was more-or-less working on an offshoot of MMCd. He had made some neat changes, and had some pretty cool ideas for the direction of MMCd, however it become very obvious he shifted his interest to selling a 3rd party piece of hardware. At the writing of this FAQ (12/24/2004) its unknown to me if this 3rd party device has hit the market yet. That being said, he stopped publically posting source code updates to his offshoot pretty quickly. The last known source code update I have of his is v1.6F. Now this is where it gets confusing, the last publically released official MMCd is still 1.5D.


    Q.) Are you ragging on Dmitry Yurtaev?

    A.) NO! If I was able to travel to Russia to shake his hand, I would. Thank you very much for giving the OBDI Mitsubishi community something we all needed... including the source!


    Q.) Are you ragging on Clinton Battersby?

    A.) NO!

    Ahh, now time for tech-talk! A lot of this is/was covered on the official MMCd site, but I'll make sure its here as well:

    Q.) What do I need, hardware wise, to use MMCd?

    A.) A few things are needed:
  • Compatible Palm Pilot / knock off (the bulk are, will post a list later), or a PC (laptop most likely, duh :) ) running POSE (Palm OS Emulator) with a compatible Palm Pilot ROM on it.
  • Datalogging cable. You can make one, buy one... reuse your PocketLogger cable or whatever you like. Eventually I'll post schematics on making passive & non-passive cables. At this point, the bulk of people reading this will already have a cable and are just looking for MMCd updates.
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    Q.) Am I required to have a Scanmaster or the like to use this MMCd?

    A.) NO! I have only added enchancments to MMCd so that I may use my Scanmaster more effectivly. The original functionality *is* retained. This should remain paramount to anybody who wishes to contribute to this fork of MMCd. I refuse to have some super proprietary datalogger project.


    Q.) What source code is this offshoot based on?

    A.) Short answer: Clinton Battersby's 1.6F. Here is his list of changes since Dmitry's last 1.5D release:

    17-03-04: v1.6f - cb
    - Fixed alarm bug

    29-11-03: v1.6e - cb
    - Fixed row / column order sequeencing when in hidden mode
    - Posted to board to get feedback

    29-11-03: v1.6d - cb
    - F1 key now sequences through sensors in proper row/column order when viewing large digit display

    28-11-03: v1.6c - cb
    - Switches to PAUSE mode when engine is off to allow auto power off
    - Minor tweaks to menus
    o Rename / Upload Log
    o Upload log on next sync
    - Fixed interesting bug in sensor scaling for negative PSI

    27-11-03: v1.6b - cb
    - Added MAP sesnor confguration under preferences
    - Supports 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 BAR (and scaling for original EGT)
    - Open issues
    o Consider adding back EGRT tag if people were really using it
    o Logs do not include scaling info for sensors (Alternative is to define separate MAP sensors tages /scaling)
    o Sensor scaling / graph scaling / color defined per sensor

    26-11-03: v1.6a - cb
    - Added MAP sensor capability
    - Initially using 2.5 BAR MPX4250 sensor
    - O2-R / O2-F alarms gated by TPS > 80% (Allows O2 < .93V alarm)
    Please see the downloads section for all code updates post 1.6F


    Q.)How do I log past 1606Hz on my MAF?

    A.)Well, first and foremost you need an EPROM ECU that is socketed, then you must modify a ROM image. This exaple assumes you're using an E931 ROM image and that its 32kb in size. If its 16kb, just -4000 from my example hex values. Please do not email me or the DSM-ECU list asking how to modify other ROM's for 3200Hz logging. They and I only focus on the E931 ROM image, which will work in all 89-94 DSM/GVR-4 ECU's.
  • 1.) Open your ROM in your favorite hex editor (I use WinHex).
  • 2.) Scroll down to location 53D8h (13D8h if you're working on a 16kb ROM).
  • 3.) You should see starting at 53D8h "EBB4". Change it to say "EBB3".
  • 4.) Save your ROM, and burn a chip!
  • 5.) Goto the preferences menu of MMCd and change your logging from 1600Hz -> 3200Hz.
  • 6.) Ahhhh... enjoy logging that isnt capped anymore at 1606Hz :)

  • Downloads
    PLEASE read the "changelog.txt" to see whats changed! ESPECIALLY THE BETAS!!!!

    Current Stable "Offshoot" Version:
  • MMCd Palm Executable 1.71.01132005
  • MMCd Source 1.71.01132005
  • MMCd Palm Executable FOR EXPANDED FUEL & TIMING MAP USERS 1.71.01132005E
  • GREV is working, but I made an error in my calculation(s) on LBMN. Pretty sure I have it fixed, but I left my Palm @ home... so I can't test.
  • Please report any/all bugs to: - Please use the subject of MMCD BUG REPORT so I know it's not SPAM!

  • Beta test version:
  • NONE RIGHT NOW ... 1.71.xxxxxxxx is the most current.
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