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Last Updated - 11/16/2020

Braking System

This page will cover calipers, pads, rotors and hardware. Like the entire site, this all a big work in progress.


Pretty sure I have found a direct bolt-on (reusing the OEM bracket) Nissin caliper for the front and rear, but it will take some time before I get a chance to confirm these. I hate to just drop part numbers here right now, so people don't waste hard earned money on a hunch. This isn't really high-pri to me, more of a "nice to know" should one of the OEM calipers fail and/or to obtain rebuild kits and hardware.

I also wouldn't mind figuring out a better option for the front. The pad sweep on the DLX is pretty poor, its only using about ~.75" of the front rotor.


For pads, I'm going to break up into "official" and "unofficial" fitments. What does unofficial mean? Well... I'm a cheap person, and sometimes I can find one type of pad or another cheaper on any given day. In a nutshell, the rear pads WILL fit the front with a little work. I will make a how-to for that when I have some time, but it's really easy.

I went ahead and put the EBC part numbers, EBC major competitors and I will also put some common/easily obtainable OE part numbers in soon too. At least in the United States, I see the Kawasaki rear pad cheap on the regular (like $15 and less), and it seems to be a nice pad for the money.

Speaking for myself, I only run organic or semi-metallic pads on my Hawk/Chinese bikes. I just don't trust the Chinesium quality rotors to hold up to sintered over the long haul, but really I'm likely over thinking it. That said, lets be real here, we're talking about a bike with ~15-16 crank horsepower. I'll reserve the H & HH pads for my RR ;) Run what you think is best for YOUR riding style and braking feel.

One myth I wanted to bust quick is that the EBC FA228 style pad fits the front. These are pads you commonly see on the Honda CMX250 Rebel in the United States, and I'm sure other bikes I don't care to research. I've seen this pad number thrown around on the Facebook group and Chinariders forum, and thought for $5 (what I found a NOS set for), why not try. At least on the DLX, there is no way the FA228 will work. The backing plates are indeed workable, but the linings themselves are 2mm thicker on each pad. This additional 4mm is too thick to get over the rotor.

EBC Brake Pad Compound Decoder Wheel
Acronym Compound Type Notes
FA Organic Pads
SFA Organic Scooter Pads
SFAC Carbon Scooter Pads
SFA-HH Scooter Sintered Pads
HH Sintered Pads
R R Series Sintered Pads
MXS Moto-X Sintered Race Pads

Front Brake Pads - Guaranteed Fit
Vendor Base Part Number Notes
EBC FA086 Available compounds: FA, SFA, SFAC, SFA-HH, HH
Dunlopad DP111
Ferodo FBD312
SBS 551/103/200
Vesrah VD-131

Rear Brake Pads - Guaranteed Fit
Vendor Base Part Number Notes
EBC FA165 Available compounds: FA, HH, R, MXS
Dunlopad DP412
Ferodo FBD631
SBS 638
Vesrah VD-250
Kawasaki OEM 43082-0069


Coming soon!


Coming soon!